Feedless AI for Dota 2

Dota 2 is one of the most popular MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) games and is notorious for having a steep learning curve and a high skill ceiling.

Feedless is a Dota 2 companion app that helps you pick a suitable hero, suggests item builds and gives strategic advice, as well as helping you to track the myriad of objectives in the game.

A seamless UI needs a logo to match.

Feedless has been designed to feel native to Dota 2, and part of this included giving the logo a makeover to match this aesthetic.

Hero, I choose you.

The first challenge you’ll face is to choose a hero that has synergy with your team and minimises counters from your enemy. Feedless includes a powerful and versatile hero picker, seamlessly integrated with Dota 2.

Dota 2 has a huge selection of heroes, so this has to be a scalable system. Feedless updates in real time based on both your team and the enemy teams choices. With this in mind, it’s vital to place importance on the top rated heroes for any given scenario, instantly providing the player with the info they’re most in need of knowing, allowing them to choose the hero that increases their teams chance of winning. If you’re after something more specific, you can easily filter by lane and role, hover for a detailed breakdown or even personalise the choices based off players’ histories.

Step by step setup.

The majority of support tickets that the Feedless team were receiving were related to the app not being set up correctly, so the new set up screen aims to prevent players from ignoring it, or even skipping it entirely.

Setup now requires the user to tick the box once they have completed that step. Slowing the user down for this vital stage reduces the amount of mistakes and ensures Feedless is ready to go straight away.

Feedless has real time, audible, fully customisable strategic advice, and it’s easy to choose what you need assistance with in the settings. Feel like you’re good at spotting missing enemies now and would like to disable this feature? Easy, it takes 5 seconds to open the settings and untick the checkbox.

Let’s get ready to raffle.

Feedless raffles one Dota 2 set every week. The item is given a hero section on the main page as you can gain extra tickets by referring friends to use the Feedless app, you can also use their code in return so you both get extra tickets.

The main page also has a clear status indicator, and if there’s a problem, it’ll let you know what the problem is so you can fix it.

There’s method in the madness.

Feedless uses machine learning algorithms trained with data from over 500,000 matches, which means it can provide accurate data to its users.

This means that when it suggests a hero, it also understands the gold advantage you’ll have throughout the match to suggest the perfect item build, it’ll estimate which lane the enemy players will be in, as well as everyone’s history including K/D/A and win percentage. All of this data has been designed to be quickly digestible for the user in easy to navigate tabs.

Seamlessly native.

It was important for the Feedless UI to integrate within Dota 2, ensuring that it doesn’t detract from the player’s experience. This meant establishing a visual language that not only matched the game, but also worked in solving the UX challenges of the app.

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